How to Add Proof of Payment


Submitting proof of payment is easy. 

1: Find the expense you want to pay for.


2: Click on the Pay button


There are two ways to pay off an expense. You can record a paid expense if you use Cash, Check,  or Credit Card with the other parent. You can also pay in the app with ECheck or PayPal.


Pay Now

If you want to pay the expense off in the app you can select the Pay option. From here you can choose to register/use ECheck, or use PayPal to pay off the balance.


Already Paid

Cash: with this option you can add proof of payment for payments that were paid with cash. You can add a picture if needed.


Check: With this option you can notate the check you used to pay the expense with. there is an area for the check number and a image.


Credit: With this option you can notate the card type and confirmation number for the payment.






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