Personal Expense


In SupportPay you can also track personal expenses. Personal expenses are expenses that may not be related to a child and may be directly related to a parent.

To track a personal expense, when creating a new expense, check the checkbox next to "Personal".

A reason a parent may want to track personal expenses is so they can provide documentation on their current household expenses, outside the scope of child support.

For example, if a parent is seeking to modify a child support order and wishes to show the court documentation on their current household expenses they can track these expenses as personal expenses. This would provide information to a legal professional the current financial obligations of the parent, in order to justify a child support review or modification.

Personal expenses are:

  • Not shared with the other parent
  • The amount owed is only allocated to the parent that chose to track the item as personal

1: Start creating a new expense.

2: Choose direct payment and then next.

3: Mark the expense as personal, and fill out all the applicable information.

 4: Enter The amount of the expense.

 5: Select how you want to enter the receipt information, and submit.


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