Registration Process: Steps for First Parent


Registration is quick and easy and should take less than 5 minutes.

Here are the registration steps for the first parent

  1. Go to
  2. In the "New User Registration" page
A. Enter your FIRST Name
B. Enter your LAST Name
C. Enter your email address – This will be your User ID as well
D. In the "Password" box, enter a password in which you choose to use for your account.
E. In the "Repeat Password" box, enter the same password again to confirm your password choice.
F. Click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen.

Your Information

Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

  1. Select YOUR relationship to the Child(ren)
  2. Select Your Country
  3. Enter your City
  4. Select your State
  5. Enter Your Zip Code
  6. Click Next

Case Details

  1. Select your Case Country (if other than United States) – this is the country where your case is filed
  2. Select Your Case State
  3. Enter your Child Support Case Number per your Divorce Decree.
  4. If you do not know it, check the box next to “I don't have my Support Order case number right now” and the system will generate a temporary case number which can be changed at a later date.
  5. Click Next

Other Parent's Information

This is where you will enter the other parent’s basic information and where the invitation is sent to the other parent to join SupportPay.  Once the other parent registers, it will link your account so you can both trach and share expenses. 

  1. Enter other parent’s First name
  2. Enter other parent’s Last name
  3. Select the other parent’s relationship to the child(ren)
  4. Enter the other parent’s email address
    1. this will be used to send them the invitation, or if you choose not to invite the other parent, it will be used to link your accounts when the other parent registers.
  5. Click Next

Secure Invite

This is used to identify the other parent. 

  1. Select a Security Question
  2. Enter the answer to the question
  3. If you do not wish to invite the other parent, cluck on the "Do not invite other parent at this time" Checkbox
  4. Click Finish


Verify all information on the screen and click on the green Submit button.

IF there are any errors, the system will let you know where the error is and you can correct it. 

If there are no detected errors, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to SupportPay Premium.  We recommend subscribing to get the full features of SupportPay. If you choose to Subscribe,  you will be taken to the Subscription Page.  Upon completing the Subscription Page you will then be taken to the Welcome Screen where you can now get started using SupportPay.

In the Welcome Screen you will have Three Options.

  1. Take A Quick Product Tour by clicking the green Start button
  2. Schedule a Complimentary Onboarding Call.  We recommend scheduling the Complimentary Onboarding call to help you get started using SupportPay and answer any questions you many have. Clicking the blue Schedule button will have you select your time zone and then you can schedule your call.
  3. Send an Invitation to the other parent to resister and connect the accounts.  Although not required, SupportPay works best when both parents register so both parents can view/track expenses as well as make and track payments.  Clicking the Orange Invite button will prompt you to enter or verify the other parents name and email address.  An invitation will be sent to the other parent to register.  

An example of what the invitation looks like:



Click here to learn how to enter your children’s information


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