Registration Process: Steps for First Parent


Registration is quick and easy and should take less than 5 minutes.

Here are the registration steps for the first parent

  1. Go to
  2. In the "New User Registration" page
A. Enter your FIRST Name
B. Enter your LAST Name
C. Enter your email address – This will be your User ID as well
D. In the "Password" box, enter a password in which you choose to use for your account.
E. In the "Confirm Password" box, enter the same password again to confirm your password choice.
F. Click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen.

Upon clicking the Register button, you will be taken to the Account Setup page.  From here you can enter in more information to fully complete registration

 Your Information & Case Details

In these section you want to fill out your relation to your child and where you live and your Basic Case Information 

Your Information

A.  Your Relationship to the Children
B.  Your Country of Residence
C.  Your State/Province of Residence
D.  Your Zip/Postal Code

Case Details

E.  Case Country – Country where you case is filed with the court
F.  Case State/Province where your case is filed
Security Question

Choose the security question and answer that best suits you 


Other Parent/Guardian Information and email

The Other Parent / Guardian email address is used to connect both parents to one account. You can choose to invite them to SupportPay now, or later by going to your case information. This email is used to connect both parents to one account. 

Nothing will be sent to this email address unless you click the "Finish Registration & Invite Other Parent / Guardian checkbox.

You can decide to invite the other parent to use the app from here. If you do not wish to invite the other parent, click on the "Do not invite other parent at this time" Checkbox

 A.  Enter the other Parent/Guardian's First Name
B.  Enter the other Parent/Guardian's Last Name
C.  Select the Other Parent/Guardian's Relationship to the children.
D.  (Optional) Enter the other Parent/Guardian's email address
E.  (Optional) If you wish to send the other Parent/Guardian an invitation to register with SupprtPay, UNCHECK this box.  Otherwise no invitation will be sent to the other parent.  If you wish to review SupportPay before sending the other parent the invitation, leave this checked and you can send the invitation at a later time. 
F.  Click on the appropriate, Blue (active) button.  If you did not uncheck the box in step E,  only one option will be available. 


Now you have finished registration and will be taken to a Welcome Screen where you can no proceed to use SupportPay.  


Click here to learn how to enter your children’s information


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