Differences Between Regular & Demo Accounts


Your Access options

Currently SupportPay has  2 different types of accounts.


This is an authentic account that is to be used for child support management. This account will have access to all of the features that SupporPay has to offer.

Key Features:​
  • Access to all features, NOW!
  • Your information, stored safely and securely
  • Make & receive payments via Paypal
  • Provide valuable feedback
Register for a SupportPay Account

Demo Access

Demo accounts are for those who are interested in seeing the product and how it works. This account is not intended for managing child support. Demo accounts use "fake data" for the purpose of exploring the functionality that SupportPay offers. Payments cannot be processed in this account as the payment gateway feature is not active.

Key features:
  • See & use key features
  • Explore data that is pre-entered
  • Your information will not be saved
  • PayPal disabled
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