Adding a Receipt to an Expense


Receipts can be added to expenses upon saving or submitting if you choose to do so. 

There are two ways to add a receipt to an expense.

1) When an expense is added, you can add a receipt to the final screen and follow the step below.

2. When adding a receipt to a No Receipt Expense, or to add an additional receipt to an expense, in the Transactions screen, on the line item you wish to add a receipt to, click on Add Receipt on the far right of the line item, and follow the instructions below  

A.  Click on the box that says “Drop file here or click to choose”

B.  Navigate to the folder where your document is located

C.  Click on  the file you would like to upload to your SupportPay account.

D.  Click on the Open button when you have selected your file.

E.  Click on the Save button.


F.  Your receipt will now be saved to your expense.


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