Deactivating a Child


Deactivate your Child from Your Account

  1. You can deactivate a child from your account by accessing the Account Management screen and clicking on the Children tab.
  2. Click on the Welcome Tab at the top of the screen and select clicking on Children.  This will take you to the Account Management Screen.  Make sure you are on the Children Tab
  3. Select the child you would like to remove and click on the Actions Button
  4. Select Delete
  5. After clicking this button you will be asked if you want to deactivate the child from your account.
    • If you deactivate the child you will no longer be able to enter expenses and payments for this child.
    • All expenses for this child will no longer be available.
  6. Select yes.
  7. After selecting yes, the child will no longer be displayed in your account.
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