2nd Parent's Steps To Register


An email invitation will be sent to the other parent from SupportPay when the initial parent completes registration.

  1.  Open the email invitation and click on the green "Register Today" button at the bottom of the e-mail,

This will open the registration page in your default browser

  1. Enter your First Name
  2. Enter your Last Name
  3. your email address will be prefilled
  4. Enter a unique password (minimum of 5 characters)         
  5. Repeat the same password
  6. The checkbox next to "The other parent has already joined SupportPay. I would like to connect to that case." should be checked, if not,  check the box.
  7. Click the orange Register button


Security Question

Review the information on this screen. Review the following for accuracy, as this is based on what the other parent entered.

  1. Location: The State where the Case is filed
  2. Case: The Case Number.  If this starts with "TEMP-CAS", it is a temporary case number.  If you have the Permanent Case number, and wish to have it in your SupportPay account, please contact us we can update the case #
  3. Participants: This is the name of the other parent
  4. Answer the Security Question.
  5. Click the Green Submit button

Your Information

Complete the following fields.

  1. Select your Relationship to the Child
  2. Select Your Country of Residence, if other than United States
  3. Enter your City
  4. Select Your State
  5. Enter your Zip/Postal Code
  6. IF all required fields have been entered,  Click the Green Next Button

Case Details

Review the information in the Case Details screen.  This information was provided by the first parent to register.  

Click the green Finish button

If registration is successful,  user will see the Go Premium popup.  We recommend subscribing to get the full features of SupportPay. If you choose to Subscribe,  you will be taken to the Subscription Page.  Upon completing the Subscription Page you will then be taken to the Welcome Screen where you can now get started using SupportPay.

In the Welcome Screen you will have Two Options.

  1. Take A Quick Product Tour by clicking the green Start button
  2. Schedule a Complimentary Onboarding Call.  We recommend scheduling the Complimentary Onboarding call to help you get started using SupportPay and answer any questions you many have. Clicking the blue Schedule button will have you select your time zone and then you can schedule your call.

You are now ready to begin using SupportPay with the co-parent of your child(ren). 

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