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Currently, the only method that we support to make electronic payments is PayPal. We will be adding a significantly more robust electronic payment system in our next major release. In the meantime, in order to use PayPal as a method of payment, you must:

  • Have a valid PayPal account.
    1. No account? No problem. You can go to and register for a PayPal account.
    2. Once your PayPal email address is entered, it will automatically be saved to your Account Management page
  • Be registered with SupportPay.


Making a payment:
In order to make a payment both parties must have a registered and valid PayPal account. SupportPay manages the transaction and automatically records the results in both parties accounts.

Please Note: SupportPay does not charge any fees to use our system or make payments via PayPal. However, if you choose to use a credit card with your PayPal account, PayPal will charge you a credit card transaction fee. In order to use PayPal for free, we recommend funding your PayPal account by connecting it to your bank account. For more details see the “transferring money” section here:

In order to make any payments including your base support with PayPal you should do the following:

1) Make sure your PayPal email address is entered into the system.  Don't worry if it is not,  you will have the opportunity to enter it and save it when you make your first PayPal Payment

2) To set up to make a payment for multiple transactions,  follow instructions in the Payments Page From the Expenses & Payments page, select the transaction which you want to pay by pressing the green PAY button.

3) This will open the Make a payment window and default you to the PayPal Tab.

4) Verify the amount is correct

5) Verify the PayPal e-mail addresses are correct

6) Click on the blue Pay button

7) You will then be taken to the PayPal Login window. Log into PayPal using your PayPal e-mail address and password

8) Confirm the payment details and click Pay

9) Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation screen from PayPal. Click Close. Click OK on the SupportPay Confirmation Window.


10) Confirmation e-mails will be sent to both parties PayPal e-mail addresses. The payment will then reflect as Paid by: PayPal

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