Dispute An Expense


You have the ability to dispute any expense that is sent to you for payment by the other parent if you do not agree with it. The expense will remain disputed until both parents have a mutual agreement regarding the expense.

      1. On the item you do not agree with, click the Action button and select Dispute Item

      2. Enter the reason for the dispute and also enter a proposed solution in the spaces provided. 

      3. Click on the "Dispute Expense" button.

      4. The expense will then be labeled as "Disputed". A notification of the dispute will also be sent to the other parent.   

      5. The other parent will see a red "thumbs down" on the disputed expense, the other parent will click on the "Approve Dispute" button in order to resolve the dispute.

      6. The other parent can click the "It's Resolved" button if they agree to the proposed solution , otherwise the expense will remain disputed until an agreement is reached.


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