Dispute An Expense


You have the ability to dispute any expense that is sent to you for payment by the other parent if you do not agree with it. The expense will remain disputed until both parents have a mutual agreement regarding the expense.

1. On the item you do not agree with, click the Details button 


2. This will open the Expense Details Window.  Click the Dispute button on the bottom left

3. This will open the Dispute Screen

A.  Enter the proposed amount

B.  The reason for dispute

C.  Verify the propsed amount and reason, and click the Confirm Button

4. The expense will in a new Section of the Expenses and Payments screen labeled Disputed Expenses.

5. The other parent will click on the View button in order to resolve the dispute.

6. The other parent can accept the counter offer by clicking the green Accept Offer button or Counter Offer the Dispute by pressing the orange Counter Officer button.  IF the other parent makes a counter offer, the screen will change the parent would repeat step three and the other parent could review and accept or counter.  

7.  Once a parent accepts an offer,  the system will update the expense to match the accepted offer and the paying parent can then pay the expense.     

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