Viewing, Sorting, & Filtering Expenses


Viewing Expenses:

  1. Click on the Transactions tab at the left of the screen and select Expenses & Payments from the drop-down menu.

  2. A table of all your current expenses will be displayed.

Sorting Expenses:

  1. On the Transactions page, click on any column name to sort the list of expenses in incremental order. Click on the same column name again to change the sorting to decreasing order.


Filtering Expenses:

  1. All of the expenses can be filtered by dates. Select one of the three options:

    Expense Date: The date the transaction took place.
    Due Date: The date an expense is to be payed.
    Created Date: The date an expense is created in SupportPay.

  2. Click on the Start Date text field to display a mini-calendar where you can click on any date to set the text field. You can also type date in the text field as well.          
  3. Repeat Step 2 for Finish Date and click Filter.
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