Recurring Expenses


Recurring expenses are for payments needed periodically, such as monthly, weekly, etc. 

You can create a new expense from any screen by clicking the blue plus sign at the top of the page

This will open up the add expense Screens.  Follow directions below 

Step 1:

Chose if this is a:

  1. Direct payment between parents.  This is defined as: A payment that occurs directly between parents - Child Support, Alimony, Additional Support, etc.  For Example: Dad is making a base support payment to Mom
  2. Reimbursement for a payment made to a merchant– This is defined as: A payment to a merchant or 3rd Party that one parent paid for already. For Example: Dad paid for a doctor's appointment, and now Mom needs to pay him back her share. 
  3. Click on the Green Next button

For this example, we are using the Direct Payment between Parents for the Base Child Support Payment.

Step 2: Details

  1. (Optional) Choose if the expense should be
    1. Personal: If this is chosen the item will not be submitted or shared with the other parent
    2. Tax Deductible: Items may include alimony / family support payments, medical expenses or child care expenses. Of course, any item can be tracked and marked as tax deductible
    3. Support Ordered: This is to track expenses that are recorded on the Support Order/Divorce Decree CHILD - Choose which child the expense is for. The expense can be for an individual child or for all children
  1. RECIPIENT  - The person who receives, Choose either you (Me) or the other parent, from the dropdown menu.
  2. CHILD - Choose which child the expense is for. The expense can be for an individual child or for all children
  3. CATEGORY - This is the type of expense that was entered. In the Case of a Direct Payment, any of the Categories and Sub-Categories can be used. In this case, we are selecting Base Support (the base Child Support)
  4. Recurring - Click the Recurring box, you will then see an option to choose the frequency of the payment
  5. EXPENSE DATE - This is the date the item was incurred also known as the transaction date. For example, if the item was purchased on Dec 10, 2013 then this is the date that should be entered in this field.
  6. FIRST DUE DATE - This is the Most current next Due date.  This date CANNOT be before the Expense Date.  By default, the other parent is given 30 days from the day the item is entered to make a payment. However, this can be changed by choosing another date.
  7. LAST EXPENSE DATE – (Optional) This is the date the last payment will be due. When a date is entered here, SupportPay will stop calculating additional payments on this date. If no date is entered, the payments will continue until the transaction is updated to show a Stop Date.
  8. PAYMENT FREQUENCY - This is the frequency of how these payments are made. The options are Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly (every two weeks) , 1st & 15th, and Quarterly (every three months)
  9. Verify all the information in the screen and click the green Nextbutton      

 Step 3: Amount

  1. Enter the regular payment amount
  2. Verify the amount and click the green Next button

 Step 4: Receipt

In this screen you will upload your back up documentation for the recurring transaction.  Since this example is a Support Category, (Base Support, Additional Support, Alimony/Family Support) You do not need to add any receipts, simply click on the green Submit button.

If the transaction category requires a receipt/back up documentation, the system will prompt you for documentation.

Otherwise simply click on the Submit button. 




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