What is Auto Pay?


Auto Payment is a payment that is made automatically with no interaction by the sender, for example a wage garnishment or an automatic regularly scheduled bank transaction. The payment will be automatically paid on the regularly scheduled due date.

It is recommended that one or both parents add payment proof / receipt to the payment to keep a record of the payments. For example, attach paystub, Notice from Government Agency, or confirmation from bill payment)

If the Paying Parent wants to make the payment for that item in a different manner, such as a check, Cash, Credit Card or PayPal, the payer must then make and record a payment against the item prior to the due date. The following month the item will again be marked to be paid automatically on the due date.

To turn off the process of automatic payments:

  • Go to the Account Management page
  • Uncheck the Auto Paid check box
  • Click Save.


For the future payments the item will no longer be recorded as automatic payment and will need to be paid each month by the person responsible for the payment.

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