How to mark an expense paid by the other parent.


SupportPay allows for an expense to be created and marked as paid by the other parent. For example, you have a shared expense that needs to be entered for which the other parent has already paid.

Start by going to the Transactions by selecting the Transactions Icon on the left side of the screen, then click All.


Select the Transaction you wish to mark as Paid by clicking the Details button


In the Expense Details screen, click on the green Mark Paid button on the lower right corner


This will open the Payment screen

1.  Enter the date the transaction was paid, if other than today, and the amount paid.


2.  Select the Payment method used (Cash, Check; or Credit Card,  If transaction was paid via PayPal outside of SupportPay), we recommend selecting Cash


3.  If Payment Proof was provided,  click on Add Payment Proof to upload a copy of the receipt or payment proof

4.  Click on the green Record Payment button




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